1. To own and operate ships with zero spills to sea and zero incidents, fully protecting the lives of shipboard personnel, cargo, environment and company’s own assets;
  2. To provide a highly efficient and competitive Petroleum bulk transportation service of quality, cost-reliability, delivery and security;
  3. To achieve excellence in our management system and standards by employing best practices through an effective and responsive management ; and an empowered and highly motivated work force.

About Us


We are one of the most prominent bunker tanker operators in Singapore, a major bunkering port in the world.

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Building a strong safety culture has always been the top of the agenda at Sinanju, as we work to deliver superior safety performances throughout our operations.

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We are expanding and we invite talented individuals to come onboard and join us for an exciting career with Sinanju.

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Email: project@sinanju.com.sg
Phone: +65 6324 9866
Fax: +65 6324 9866